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Denise L. – Virginia Beach

When I first came to see Dr. Ellwanger I was extremely skeptical. How could a chiropractor help me? I have severe scoliosis in my lower back and my other doctors told me that I needed to have rods put in my spine to keep it from getting worse, and to keep me out of pain. […]

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Holly W. – Cary, NC

I’ve been to a number of different chiropractors, who utilized a number of different techniques. This technique has by far, the most long lasting and immediate results.

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Richard B. – Cary, NC

George is the first I’ve heard of that practiced chiropractic techniques that dealt with the atlas bone in your neck. My wife, Angie, had been suffering from fatigue, soreness, chronic sickness and IBS to name a few, in which the doctors had no answer for. We had dealt with a battery of test that all […]

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Tamara H. – Cary, NC

My husband was having 2-3 migraines a month before he visited with Dr. Ellwanger. Dr. Ellwanger’s knowledge on migraines is extensive and with his recommendations and the treatment he provided, my husband’s number of headaches significantly reduced. My husband is much happier and productive. Before seeing Dr. Ellwanger, his headaches usually lasted 1-2 days. He […]

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Greg H. – Fuquay Varina, NC

Dr. Ellwanger has helped me and my family tremendously. I have gone to Chiropractors for years and totally believe in what they do; however, with the types of Chiropractors I had gone to it was normally a 200 pound man basically jumping on my back to get it to adjust properly and then snapping my […]

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Lou T. – Raleigh, NC

I was told that I should go see Dr. Ellwanger because I was suffering with crippling low back pain and neck pain at work. I was pleasantly surprised to find that be did not twist or pop my neck or low back, but instead just gently adjusted them so as not to increase my pain. […]

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Terri P. – Cary, NC

I have been working with Dr. Ellwanger for treatment of neck/back pain and stiffness and I can highly recommend him as a very effective practitioner in atlas orthogonal chiropractic. He is attentive to my concerns as his patient and provides the highest quality of care. As my condition has changed over time, he has adjusted […]

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Steve L. – Apex, NC

Dr. George is a caring and very knowledgeable chiropractor. He takes the time to understand what your problems are, and has the right strategy to help you. The specialized chiropractic care techniques that he uses helps where the traditional does not. If you have any neck or back pain, I highly recommend that you call […]

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Rebecca A. – Cary, NC

Through the Atlas Orthogonal technique, Dr. Ellwanger has cured my chronic migraines which I have suffered with for years. I used to have migraines a few times a month and they would last for days without any respite. Doctors treated the symptoms but not the cause. After the initial x-rays, Dr Ellwanger was able to […]

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AO Testimonial – Maria

Dr. Matthew Sweat’s patient, Maria, was suffering from chronic headaches, migraines, numbness and tingling, neck and back pain for at least 2 years. Atlas Orthogonal chiropractic took all that away. Atlas Orthogonal chiropractic gave her health back… The same chiropractic care she received from Dr. Sweat is what Dr. Ellwanger offers at Atlas Chiropractic of […]

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