Denise L. – Virginia Beach

When I first came to see Dr. Ellwanger I was extremely skeptical. How could a chiropractor help me? I have severe scoliosis in my lower back and my other doctors told me that I needed to have rods put in my spine to keep it from getting worse, and to keep me out of pain.

I wanted to avoid surgery as long as possible. Dr. Ellwanger explained and demonstrated how the pain in my low back could be due to misalignments in my neck. I never would have thought that there could be that much connection between my neck and my low back pain, but I figured ‘what do I have to lose?’ After a few adjustments my low back pain was much improved. I am now holding my adjustments for months at a time. I am thrilled to be out of pain! My family is happier too! I am truly amazed that my doctors didn’t know about this type of chiropractic, but I believe that I have found a miracle. Thank you Dr. Ellwanger!

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