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Drug Awareness

North Carolina Chiropractic Association

World Chiropractic Alliance

Atlas Orthogonal Program

The Official Global Atlas Orthogonal Website: 

Here you can research the most talked about of chiropractic techniques. Why is it being talked about so much? Because it is so effective and safe. Oh, you can also read about the founder and developer of the technique, Dr. R.W. Sweat or you can find a Board Certified Atlas Orthogonist in your part of the world, see video testimonials, and more.

International Chiropractors Association (ICA)

The International Chiropractors Association was established in 1926 in Davenport, Iowa in the United States by Dr. B. J. Palmer. It is the world’s oldest international chiropractic professional organization representing nearly 8,000 professionals and lay people.

International Chiropractic Pediatric Association

The International Chiropractors Association, Council on Chiropractic Pediatrics is a great resource for doctors, patients and their parents on the benefits and safety of chiropractic for children.

National Vaccine Information Center

PREVENT VACCINE REACTIONS: Your health. Your family. Your choice.

When it comes to the health of you and your family, your decisions must be well informed ones. Don’t just take the words of anyone else, even your doctor for being the truth. You must do your own research, your due diligence, and then make your best judgment call. Be careful and ask yourself, “who is gaining the most from this? and who is risking the most?” You need to know the potential benefits as well as the potential downsides. Personally, for my family, Donna and I feel that we should decide what is an “acceptable risk” and what isn’t. We didn’t enter into our decisions to not vaccinate, lightly. You should not either.

Study Finds Special ‘Atlas Adjustment’ Lowers Blood Pressure

Chiropractic Cuts Blood Pressure

A recent study (and WebMD article) shows the effect upper cervical adjusting can have on Hypertension.

The Association For Catholic Chiropractors

Vatican-approved Catholic Association of the Faithful Chiropractors.

This is a “non-political” association of chiropractors who are striving to fully support our profession and to be united with other Catholic healthcare providers gathering around the Healing Message of Christ. We participate in the fulfillment of every Christian’s call to holiness and the mission God has placed before us as chiropractors.

Upper Cervical Information

Up C Spine – A Patient Perpective

Created by a patient, this great website is dedicated to letting the World know about the amazing benefits of specific upper cervical chiropractic – it’s time the patients were told about it! There are many articles and research available on this site about upper cervical chiropractic care and this field of healthcare.

Detox the Whole House

Detoxing your body without removing the toxins from around it is crazy. If you fell into a pool of toxic waste, would you first take supplements and do some colon cleansing, then wait a while before you get out of the pool? Of course you wouldn’t. You can smell those chemicals every time you walk by the laundry or open the cabinet below your kitchen sink. Some of us have gotten so used to them that we think of clean everytime we smell them. You’ve probably become ill, or gotten a headache after cleaning the bathroom with them. Those products are so toxic that most of them are listed on the website,, and if you splurged for the non-toxic cleaners elsewhere (like Whole Foods or Earthfare) they sure were expensive and didn’t work well. You can remove those toxic chemicals from your house and replace them with products that are safer for your body, safer for the environment, and less expensive. Call me or Dr. Donna Ellwanger about it, today (919) 244-6762. Don’t wait until you have some auto-immune disease or worse.

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